Firner Situ is a Swiss voluntary association which aims to rekindle the Alemannic pagan tradition. The name is the Old High German for “the old custom” or mos maiorum (echoing the Old Icelandic forn siðr)

We want to preserve and rekindle the heritage the pagan Alemanni, to listen to their old tales, observe their old customs, honour their wights and gods and uphold their values. Together, we want to once more tell the old stories and celebrate the long-forgotten feasts.

At the beginning of winter, at pig-slaughter, we sit at meat and wine and listen to the old tales and songs. In the middle of winter, in the Twelve Nights, dark, fur-clad figures walk in the snowy woods and visit mortals who at their ease sit at cheese and brandy in the warmth of the cottage. At the end of winter, a tall bonfire burns high above the valley, heralding the coming summertime and a mighty horn is passed in mind of past and future deeds.

We want to experience Alemannic heathendom with close friends and in the outdoors, among the hills, woods, lakes, rivers and lofty mountains of Alemannia, in the noise of bells and horns, in the flying sparks of the spring bonfires, in a rustic meal, lost in the old sagas that tell of the people and the wilderness both of the Alps and the high North.

If you are interested, have any questions or just want to say hello you can reach us trough contact@firnersitu.ch.